SINCE 1994

Karuka Agencies

The Wine Legends

Karuka Agencies prides itself on being the first company to bring South African wines into the Ugandan market. They are committed to building trustworthy relationships, and working with integrity and purposefulness. Whilst they began with the first consignment of 20 cartons of wine, shipped in by air they now bring in orders by several shipping containers due to continuously increasing demand.

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It is said that good wine is inspiring and adds greatly to the joy of living, for it creates magic, moments and memories. To offer such delight Karuka Agencies welcomes you to the world of the “Wine Legends” who can mix and match, find the wine to suit your mood, palate and the occasion.

Karuka Agencies wants to offer their clients wines which link the old world and the new. Unique products blend and masterfully combine the traditions and techniques perfected over time in the field of winery with the gifts nature has to offer so that they may be enjoyed and bring pleasure.

Robertson Winery

The Robertson Winery was established in 1941 in a small town in South Africa.
The wines produced by the Robertson Winery are characterised by a gentle approach to wine-making. The integrity of the craft is retained and respected throughout the process, and the finished product testifies to this through its quality. Wines produced here include Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.