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It is said that good wine is inspiring and adds greatly to the joy of living, for it creates magic, moments and memories. To offer such delight Karuka Agencies welcomes you to the world of the “Wine Legends” who can mix and match, find the wine to suit your mood, palate and the occasion.

The Karuka Agencies’ story began in 1994, with its origins in a small grocery shop, which later transitioned into what we call “akafunda”, a bar of some sort. After a loyal customer and connoisseur of fine wines asked us to bring in a particular South African wine, this opened up a  whole new world; and thus began our journey into the importation and distribution of South African wines.


To be the most reliable, customer – focused distributor with the widest coverage in Uganda.


To exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them quality products in the right quantities at the right time.

We pride ourselves in being the first company to bring South African wines into the Ugandan market.

Whilst we began with a first consignment of 20 cartons of wine, shipped in by air, this allowed us to test the market and distribution channels and we now bring in orders by the container due to continuously increasing demand.

Registered in 2010, as a limited company, Karuka Agencies became the sole importer and distributor of Robertson wines from the Robertson Winery situated in the Robertson Valley, South Africa, to Uganda.

The company is located on Kisota Road, which is off Bukoto – Kisasi Road, in Kampala, with a display allowing clients the experience of seeing the range of wines we have on offer and to take their time to learn more about them – for each wine has a story to tell.

Committed to building trustworthy relationships, working with integrity and purposefulness;

Karuka Agencies wants to offer their clients wines which link the old world and new. Unique products which blend and masterfully combine the traditions and techniques perfected over time in the field of winery with the gifts nature has to offer so that they may be enjoyed and bring pleasure.